Capital Market Advisory

We offer our specialist advice for the opening of capital to institutional investors and the listing of companies into the AIM Italia market.

Our advice can act in the following areas:

• IPOs for SMEs on AIM Italia
• Delistings and reverse takeovers
• Financial and sector investor research
• Identification of target SMEs
• Valuation process
• Production of business plans

Our established relationships with key players in the financial market that are essential in corporate finance processes (Borsa Italiana, Consob, NOMAD, institutional and professional investors) represent the distinctive element of our consulting activities.


IR Top assesses the feasibility of going public for SMEs.
We have developed in-depth knowledge on AIM Italia market and listing which allow us to offer a distinctive and unique service in Italy, favoring the success of the IPO and the quality of the stock market.
We offer companies that want to pursue the growth path through the IPO on AIM Italia, the Borsa Italiana market dedicated to SMEs, a verification service to check the feasibility of the listing process (formal and substantive requirements to access the stock market) through a IPO TEST that analyses:

• Economic and financial results
• Industry and company characteristics
• Competitive positioning
• Strategies
• Governance


Companies with a positive Quick Market Admission Test (QuickMAT) can be supported by IR Top in three consecutive steps:
• Company valuation
• Equity Story
• Pilot fishing (investor sentiment)

IR Top assists the company in the definition of the IPO structure, and acts as a lead manager during the process, from the selection of the Nomad and other advisors, to the management of the operation as financial advisor, until the introduction to institutional investors.
We support the company in the Post IPO phase, in maintaining the status of listed company through compliance with price sensitive, IR activities and actions to continuously enhance the company and the stock on the market.


We assist private companies in the search for financial investors and industrial partners (either listed or private groups) that can bring new finance for growth, taking part in the capital.
Involving a PE fund or a Family Office in the capital allows the company to better structure the managerial organization, optimize financial performance, share strategic choices, increase bargaining power and access to new financing.


Our consulting services in the process of extraordinary corporate transactions include the research, analysis and valuation of Italian companies.

We address PE funds for the identification of targets, SPACs for the fulfillment of the business combination and listed and private companies wanting to grow through M&As.

The identification of target companies is done through a screening based on investment parameters shared by the acquirer (an investor or a company).

We assist clients in all phases of the negotiation until the closing of the transaction, identifying and coordinating the team of advisors for the M&A operation.


We develop and write business plans for new financing, investors search and for other company use. We are skilled in the analysis and construction of predictive models for the identification of medium to long-term financial requirements and the analysis of the adequate capital structure to support the growth plan. We verify the financial sustainability of business plans written by companies and design presentations and summary documents for external use.