Debt Advisory

IR Top Consulting, as Debt Advisor, supports entrepreneurs in verifying eligibility for accessing Debt Capital Markets.
We identify the most suitable debt instruments to be issued by companies and SMEs. We help them to develop “Debt Investment opportunity”.


The BOND issue process

Reasons why:

1) Financing of development plans
2) Diversify sources of funding
3) Access to medium-long term forms of financing
4) Strengthen the financial structure and improve relations with the credit system
5) Full deductibility of interest expense (pursuant to the Internationalization Decree of September 14, 2015) and the costs of the issue
6) Visibility on the financial system with access to the capital market
7) Improvement of the company’s standing, also in view of further debt or IPO capital raisinf

The Bond issue players

Advisor (IR Top Consulting)
Arranger (selected Bank)
Distributor (selected Bank)
Rating Agency (selected)
Law Firm (selected)

Company’s features, requirements

Companies focused in internationalization with a clear industrial plan and development projects to be financed as new investments, R&S activities, M&A, expansion of the production structure and personnel. The main sectors are manufacturing, fashion, food, service and technology.