IPO: 26/10/2018
Capital raising: 1.5 Eu mln
Sector: Technology
Region: Lombardia

Company Profile

Established in Genoa in June 2012, Circle is the Innovative SME heading CIRCLE Group, specialized in the analysis and development of innovation and digitalization solutions for the port and intermodal logistics sectors. Besides Circle, belong to the Group software houses Info.era and Progetto Adele, purchased respectively at the end of 2017 and in July 2019. Synergies between Circle, Info.era and Progetto Adele allowed the Group to expand the portfolio of solutions offered in the fields of IoT, Optimisation,DigitalTwin,BigData and ProcessAutomation, and to strenghten its software products: Milos® – the suite for all players of intermodal logistics such as inland terminals, port terminals, ports, MTOs and shipping agencies -, Sinfomar – Port Community System -, Master SPED® and Master TRADE® solutions – respectively dedicated to shipping and logistics, and to commerce and industry. Lastly, with Circle Connecting EU, Circle supports Public Entities and Companies by identifying their positioning at European level (EU Branding) and funding opportunities (Project Anticipation). The joint venture agreement, announced on November 30th , 2020 with Magellan, Portuguese entity delivering advocacy services towards the European Institutions, will enable Circle to expand its international geography in the Iberian Peninsula, strengthen its presence in Brussels and take maximum advantages from opportunities related to Next Generation EU Recovery Fund.

IPO growth strategy

To support the company’s growth and internationalisation plan and in particular: (i) strengthen and develop the product portfolio; (ii) expand abroad by strengthening its presence in the foreign markets already covered (mainly in the Med area and Eastern Europe) and entering new markets such as the Middle East; (iii) grow by external lines through mergers and/or acquisitions of other companies active in the supply chain digitalisation business and through collaborations and/or joint ventures.

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