Sustainable Finance

We support sustainable SMEs in raising finance (Green IPO or Green Bond).

The main activities of Sustainable Finance

Green IPO

We have developed a leading position in the capital markets dedicated to SMEs, supporting many companies with specialised Green IPO Advisory Services. We follow all aspects of the listing process, by coordinating the IPO project and harmonising the activities of the other players involved in the Green IPO process and help companies build a successful Green equity story. Companies integrating ESG factors and sustainability objectives into their business strategy improve their financial performance, competitive position and risk profiles. The integration of ESG factors becomes crucial for companies considering a structured IPO path and to better fit the target audience of investors.
Our consulting activities cover the following areas:

  • Green IPO feasibility study
  • Construction of business plan and integration of sustainability objectives
  • Preliminary assessment of the company
  • Definition of the structure of the IPO
  • Construction of the Equity Story
  • Drawing up the Sustainability Report
  • Transformation into a Benefit Corporation
  • Search for financial and/or industrial investors
  • Assistance with the listing process

Green Bond

We support entrepreneurs to verify their eligibility for access Debt Capital Markets by defining the Debt ESG Investment Opportunity and to identify the most suitableESG Debt Financial Instruments. This activity is carried out by the parent company IRTOP Consulting.
Our consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Construction of Business Plan and checking sustainability of debt and ESG KPIs
  • Analysis of financing sources and capitalisation ratio
  • Definition of the structure of the debt transaction
  • Construction of the Debt ESG Presentation
  • Searching for ESG financial investors