Debt Advisory

We help our clients to catch new alternative finance opportunities for growth.

Access to Debt Capital Markets

IRTOP Consulting, as Debt Advisor, supports entrepreneurs in verifying their eligibility to access Debt Capital Markets. We identify the most suitable debt financial instruments to be issued by SMEs and we play an active role in the debt issuance process by helping the companies to develop their “Debt Investment opportunity”.

Our consulting activities cover the following areas:

  • Construction of business plan and checking sustainability of debt sustainability
  • Analysis of financing sources and capitalisation ratio
  • Definition of the structure of the debt
  • Construction of the Debt presentation
  • Searching for financial investors
  • Supporting the debt issuance process


Minibonds are among the most popular debt financial instruments used by SMEs to finance business growth by obtaining financing outside the banking system.

IR Top Consulting helps companies in finding and obtaining debt in innovative forms.

Minibonds are used by SMEs in particular for:

  • Financing of development plans
  • Diversifying sources of finance
  • Access to medium/long-term financing
  • Strengthening the financial structure and improving relations with the credit system
  • Full deductibility of interest expense (pursuant to the Internationalisation Decree of 14 September 2015) and issue costs
  • Visibility on the financial system with access to the capital market
  • Improvement of the company’s standing, to access other raising of debt

The acquisition finance process

Financial advisory services to support corporate acquisition and merger processes.

We support SME companies in strategic consulting for extraordinary financial transactions and in particular M&A (acquisitions).

Our consulting activities include the following steps:

  • Business study and business valuation
  • Drafting of the company’s business plan and integration with the target’s business plan
  • Study of the strategic rationale of the M&A transaction
  • Preparation of an information memorandum to be submitted to potential lenders
  • Assisting the company in verifying the feasibility of the M&A transaction
  • Defining the technical aspects of the financing with the issuing financial institution.