Osservatorio PMI Euronext Growth Milan

The THINK TANK on Capital Markets for SMEs

Specialised independent financial research centre, founded in 2014 by IR Top Consulting, institutionally dedicated to the analysis and monitoring of Euronext Growth Milan market.

It provides an overview of the operations of Euronext Growth Milan companies and tracks market trends. It collects, analyses and reports on information that is essential to assist players and authorities in the development of the capital market. It produces an annual report, the primary source of information and analysis on Euronext Growth Milan, which is presented to the financial community in July.


– Analysing the market practices of Euronext Growth Milan-listed companies

– Developing statistics and analysis; monitoring the evolution of EGM in terms of market variables and structure

– Reducing the equity gap: spreading the culture of listing and encouraging the emergence of new specialised investors

– Stimulating the Equity Capital Markets culture by gathering opinions and suggestions for national and international development

– Identify SMEs best practices for the correct representation of equity stories to investors

The Scientific Committee is the Equity Capital Markets “think tank” composed of institutions and market experts in complementary areas.

The Technical Committee supports the activities of the Scientific Committee in the field of regulatory, legal and tax issues and is made of experts in the relevant areas.

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