SMEs bet on the EGM market. Lambiase, CEO of IRTOP Consulting, defines it as a solution halfway between the capital market and private equity.

IRTOP research on the technology sector: it is worth a quarter of the capitalisation of the stock market segment dedicated to small businesses. Companies show 42 million on average in revenues and margins at 19%. And the stock market performance beats other sectors.

Lady Aim believed from the outset in the prospects of the segment reserved for small and medium-sized companies.

The acquisition of Borsa Italiana by Euronext: we still expect a great boost to the tech sector as well as greater attention from institutional investors to ESG issues, a theme that all listed companies are increasingly called upon to address.

Explaining the equity story effectively to the financial market is the key to accessing the listing.

Many companies have also been driven to listing by the tax benefit associated with listing and it can be a boon to market growth.