IRTOP Consulting was born in 2001 from an intuition of Anna Lambiase, specialised in Corporate Finance, reinventing the capital research function for SME entrepreneurs who wanted to access the stock market to diversify their sources of funding.


This is how IRTOP Consulting was born, a new company in Italy close to Piazza Affari focused on stock market listing.
20 years ago, the world of advisory was dominated by large investment banks that were almost exclusively oriented towards supporting large companies during the listing phase.

The need to accompany listed companies even after the IPO phase led to the creation of the post IPO consultancy through the Investor Relations division which, together with the Equity Research division, today represents a real competitive advantage in the financial advisory market in Italy.

In 2011, thanks to Anna Lambiase’s second intuition, IRTOP decided to add to its core business of Capital Market a specialization in sustainable finance, creating V-Finance and the first SPAC on sustainable finance.