Listing of SMEs

Guidelines to the IPO process and IPO requirements

“Listing on Euronext Growth Milan and access to venture capital are the real alternative to debt for capitalising Italian SMEs, which account for 92% of national companies according to OECD sources and are still underrepresented on the list. The positive experience of Euronext Growth Milan and the entrepreneurs of the listed companies should make private companies think twice about evaluating this alternative finance channel for growth. Euronext Growth Milan, by its very nature unencumbered by the logic of loss of corporate control or possible interference in governance by institutional investors, represents a new and effective way to grow and improve all financial ratios, allowing access, strengthened, to various forms of new finance. The Tax Credit measure on listing costs (Implementing Decree of 19 June 2018) has provided a boost for listings in the three-year period on the Euronext Growth Milan market, which has recorded 78 new IPOs since January 2018. Increased listings by SMEs could be instrumental in facilitating our country’s GDP growth.”

Anna Lambiase
Chief Executive Officer
IRTOP Consulting

IRTOP Consulting supports Italian SMEs for listing on the Euronext Growth Milan market.

IRTOP Consulting analyses a significant number of potentially listing SMEs, based on performance indicators and listing requirements related to innovation, growth, profitability and financial balance, in order to select and support them in their IPO process on Euronext Growth Milan.

Euronext Growth Milan, Borsa Italiana’s SME Growth Market, has confirmed over the years its central role in encouraging the development of SMEs. The combination of individual savings plans (PIR) and tax credits for listing costs has facilitated companies’ access to the market to finance growth projects, as a concrete alternative to the traditional banking channel.

Companies that have chosen to list on Euronext Growth Milan recognise the market as an opportunity that has resulted in the high visibility they have achieved both nationally and internationally, has allowed them to strengthen their standing with the possibility of accessing new finance, while continuing to maintain control of their company.

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