Media & Financial Communication

We enhance the Equity story through communication and media tools.


Financial Communication is the key to access capital for managing relationships with institutional investors and success on capital markets.

It helps to build company’s image and strengthens Top Management credibility.
It integrates with other communication areas (institutional and commercial) in creating and enhancing enterprise value.

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication is a key function for managing stakeholder relations.
We provide communication strategies to assist companies in brand building, communicating identity values and development projects.
We generate a constant flow of information between the company and media with the aim of strengthening management reputation and increasing visibility on national business publications.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is the annual document that presents the economic and financial performance of the company.
We have gained a solid experience in Financial Reporting: our goal is to help companies provide a strategic vision of business management through the Annual Report, meeting the different information and reporting needs of stakeholders.
We design the structure and the content of the report with innovative and integrated formats for an effective communication of value (tangible and intangible assets).

Corporate Presentation

Through the Corporate Presentation the Company explains the business uniqueness by highlighting the value of the brand.
We transfer our expertise to companies in preparing corporate presentations on business model, financial results, extraordinary operations, forward looking information (business plans, strategic guidelines).

Media Relations

We introduce the company and increase awareness and visibility among national media, focusing on Management, business model and success factors.
Thanks to our network of relationships with leading media groups, we act as external press office, designing tasks to maximize media coverage.

Press Conference & Events

We organize press conferences and corporate events to a wide target of financial and industry media, aiming at increasing the visibility of our clients.
Our goal is to generate positive effects on brand recognition in order to improve company’s competitive positioning.

Media Training

Thanks to our communication skills, we provide specific support to address and better manage financial media relations (press conferences and interviews) and presentations to the financial community.