IPO: 06/07/2021
Capital raising: 2.9 Eu mln
Sector: Technology
Region: Balerna (Svizzera)

Company Profile

IDNTT, with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in Romania and Spain, is a Martech Content Factory that produces omnichannel content with ISO 9001 certified industrial processes and governed by technology. Data-driven content, developed through the collection and analysis of user data and interests, which aims to convert the vision of content into online, offline sales and increase the brand awareness of companies.

IPO growth strategies

The Company’s strategic guidelines focus both on growth by internal lines and growth by external lines.

With reference to growth by internal lines, the Company intends to pursue the following guidelines:

  • consolidation and expansion of the client portfolio for the three targets Large Customers, Public Administration, Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • continuous search for the efficiency of the Company’s business model through the consolidation of an operational and cultural model based on the concept of virtual company focused on organized and shared solutions, to encourage smart working; order management and margin control through the strengthening and evolution of the ERP towards a cloud architecture and the development of an application for the integrated control of orders;
  • strengthening the organizational structure to respond to the evolution of content and social technology and the growth of new orders through training, recruitment and incentive/ loyalty of staff.

With reference to growth by external lines, the Company intends to pursue the following guidelines:

strengthening and growth in foreign markets and widening the offer of services, through the search for potential targets to be acquired and potential strategic and commercial partnerships with operators with a strong presence in foreign markets and with complementary operators;
Consolidation of MarTech skills through the search for potential targets operating in the specific sector.

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