IPO: 06/07/2021
Capital raising: 2.9 Eu mln
Sector: Technology
Region: Balerna (Svizzera)

Company Profile

IDNTT, with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in Romania and Spain, is a Martech Content Factory that produces omnichannel content with ISO 9001 certified industrial processes and governed by technology. “DATA-DRIVEN” content, developed thanks to the collection and analysis of user data and interests, which aims to convert the vision of the content into online, offline sales and increase the brand awareness of companies.

IPO growth strategy

The resources raised will be dedicated to increasing the international presence in the e-ID and Digital Payment markets, with a particular focus on expansion in areas showing higher growth rates.

The company aims to foster development also through M&A operations abroad, strengthening research and development activities and optimising the production process in order to maintain high quality standards”.

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