IPO: 04/05/2021
Capital raising: 6.2 Eu mln
Sector: Technology
Region: Veneto

Company Profile

JONIX is an innovative SME that designs, produces and distributes 100% Made in Italy solutions for indoor air sanitization based on NTP (Non Thermal Plasma) technology. NTP is a physical phenomenon generated at room temperature that can neutralize living microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, mold) and decompose polluting chemical molecules (VOCs, particulates): it is a safe process based on a no touch technology that can be used continuously even in the presence of people being free of side effects and dimensioned according to sanitization needs.The heart of the JONIX devices is the NTP Generator, consisting of two cylindrical elements that generate the Non Thermal Plasma: the Company has developed 3 patents aimed at making it irreplicable in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Since its foundation in 2013, JONIXLAB, the proprietary technical-scientific laboratory with expertise in electrical, electronic, thermodynamic, Chemical and Biological, has conducted research and development projects and numerous laboratory-scale studies to explore new fields of application of NTP technology in order to expand the market areas for its products. The core business of JONIX is intrinsically oriented towards sustainable development goals, being based on the conception and implementation of technological solutions aimed at the preservation of human health, in a perspective of improving social contexts and quality of life. JONIX devices represent a solution to the air pollution of confined environments (IAQ – Indoor Air Quality), an important public health problem no longer underestimated in the light of the Pandemic by Covid-19. The goal is to move from emergency management to awareness and planning. Moreover, the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua, directed by Prof. Andrea Crisanti, has shown that JONIX Cube has an effective antiviral activity against SARSCoV-2 (Covid-19), with a reduction of the viral load equal to 99.9999%. The Company addresses its offer to different sectors (industrial, commercial and residential) and operates with two business lines: Air Tech Solutions, stand-alone devices for sanitization and air decontamination suitable for any type of indoor environment; Advanced Tech Solutions, inside systems for the purification and decontamination of aeraulic ducts. JONIX boasts a broad portfolio of products whose strengths are: high efficiency, low energy consumption, natural process that does not use chemicals and does not produce any residue.The Company also offers services of environmental health analysis, predictive analysis, tailor-made design, verification tests, final effectiveness tests, geolocation (JONIX Maps).

IPO growth strategy

Jonix aims to consolidate its position in the sector in which it operates, developing skills that can further expand and diversify its customer portfolio and the solutions it offers.

Jonix intends to accelerate its organic growth path based on four strategic guidelines: development of the sustainable core business through R&D and the launch of new solutions and services; development of the sales network; increase in production capacity; brand awareness.

In particular, JONIXLAB will continue to work in two directions

  • extending the application of existing products to new sectors: automotive, naval, transport, airport infrastructure, sanitization and material/product treatment, kitchen hoods, food cold chain;
  • explore new areas of application for NTP technology: wastewater for purification and discolouration, agriculture for phytostimulation, indoor food gardening, waste for abatement of odours and harmful chemicals, VOC and SIV abatement systems.

In order to further strengthen the sustainability of its core business, JONIX has started the application of IoT on all its devices: this responds to the desire to also guarantee a rationalisation of consumption through the optimisation of the operating cycles of the devices themselves.

With reference to external growth, Jonix intends to evaluate opportunities for integration through acquisitions of shareholdings in manufacturing companies with a particular focus on Australia, America and the Far East.

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