IPO: 09/03/2018
Capital raising: 3.1 Eu mln
Sector: Healthcare
Region: Lombardia

Company Profile

KOLINPHARMA® S.p.A., founded in 2013, is an Innovative SME operating in nutraceutical sector and specialised in the research and development, realised internally and in collaboration with the major Italian universities. The Company’s products are made of innovative and natural raw materials and have the purpose of supporting the pharmacological treatments mainly for the diseases in the orthopaedic-physiatric and gynaecological fields. KOLINPHARMA distributes the products with its brand in the whole Italian territory through a skilled sales network of 66 medical-scientific representatives (MSRs), specialised sole agents graduated in scientific disciplines. The MSRs promote KOLINPHARMA’s nutraceutical products directly to doctors, pointing at the specialists’ awareness. The Company’s direct clients are wholesalers, that distribute to pharmacies and parapharmacies throughout Italy. KOLINPHARMA owns 4 patents in Italy and 9 certifications, of which 2 on the company and 7 on its products.

IPO growth strategies

With the listing project Kolinpharma aims to accelerate its growth process according to the following strategic directions:

  • Strengthening and acceleration of scientific research projects and development of new products with new pharmaceutical forms;
  • Strengthening of the information network in the Italian market and generation of a similar structure in foreign countries of interest;
  • Exogenous growth of the business through agreements with other operators or extraordinary operations also at an international level;
  • Increasing the patent portfolio of all products under development and marketed in Italy;
  • Carrying out clinical research activities, also endorsed by ethics committees, in support of scientific communication;
  • Highly scientific communication to the specialist medical class of reference and present throughout the country.

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