IPO: 05/12/2019
Capital raising: 10.0 Eu mln
Sector: Media
Region: Sicily

Company Profile

NVP, an Innovative SME established in 2007, operates in the video production services sector mainly for television networks and for owners and managers of television rights, through the use of state-of-the-art technologies developed internally. Thanks to its skills and huge investments, including in R&D, it quickly gained a leadership position in terms of technology in Italy, also positioning itself among the first companies in Europe, in terms of technology, with three 4K mobile control systems. Through its ultra-specialized staff and through its fleet consisting of a fly-case, two satellite uplinks and 11 mobile control rooms, three of which for 4K HDR productions, it makes television events, especially sports, concerts and shows. Moreover, thanks to the skills acquired, the great experience in the sector and the use of state-of-the-art proprietary technologies, it is the ideal partner for the technical, artistic realization and the conception and production of content for TV and Corporate TV broadcasters. The company has a flexible structure with 29 employees and over 200 collaborators. NVP’s portfolio includes important national and international television networks (DAZN, IMG, Infront, ISU, Mediapro, Mediaset, Sky Italia, Rai, Uefa), well-known content producers (Endemol, Magnolia) as well as sports federations, Italian and international (Olimpic Broadcast Service, Eurosport).

IPO growth strategy

The strategic goal of NVP is to strengthen its leadership position in the Italian market and expand its presence in the European market in the field of “worldwide” production and transmission of television events through the use of the most advanced technologies (4K HDR) and in the development technological and commercial of tailor-made innovative services for the end customer (personalization, augmented reality, statistics).

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