IPO: 13/07/2018
Capital raising: 1.9 Eu mln
Sector: Media
Region: Lazio

Company Profile

Portobello, founded in Rome in 2016 and listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market, operates through 3 Business Units active in the Media & Advertising, Retail and B2B sectors. The Company is responsible for the resale of advertising space, owned or purchased by third parties, for a monetary consideration or alternatively through the Barter system. The Company also operates a chain of stores branded Portobello live and franchised, as well as an e-commerce channel (www.portobelloclub.it).

IPO growth strategies

The Company has set itself the following strategic objectives:

1) structural expansion of the sales force dedicated to SBU Media and in particular to commodity exchange contracts in order to develop a sales network with widespread coverage at national level;

2) widen the net of shops is in direct management that in franchising;

3) strengthen the corporate structure to support the sustained growth in volumes and revenues.

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