IPO: 28/06/2019
Capital raising: 4.06 Eu mln
Sector: Technology
Region: Lombardia

Company Profile

Relatech, Digital Enabler Solution Knowledge (D.E.S.K.) Company, listed on AIM Italia since June 2019 (now EGM), is present on the market with innovative solutions dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses. Founded in 2001, Relatech is an innovative SME aimed at customers who are looking for innovative digital services and solutions dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses. Relatech is an innovative SME focused on customers seeking the most innovative solutions, becoming a strategic partner for digitalization and ICT services. Relatech constantly invests in Open Innovation with a wide R&D activity carried out internally and numerous partnerships with the main Italian Universities and Research Institutes. Thanks to the digital and cloud-based RePlatform platform, it provides services and develops innovative digital solutions in Digital Enabler frontier technologies, such as Cloud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things.

IPO growth strategy

Relatech pursues the 3M Strategy, acronym of Merge, Margin, Management to continue and accelerate the growth path within a market, those of Digital Enabler Technologies, highly competitive and scalable.

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