IPO: 09/08/2018
Capital raising: 2.0 Eu mln
Sector: Energy & Renewables
Region: Liguria

Company Profile

Renergetica, an Innovative SME established in Genoa in 2008, operates in the renewable energy sector as a Developer and IPP covering all value chain activities except EPC. It has developed an important track-record of development and expertise in all renewable energy segments (in particular photovoltaic, wind, mini-hydro). It is active in Italy, Chile, the United States and Colombia. In 2019, it achieved revenues at consolidated level of 9.4 Eu mln with EBITDA margin of 44%. It has internally developed Hybrid Grid Smart Controller (HGSC), innovative control software for the optimisation of hybrid grids, characterised by high performance and reliability.

IPO growth strategy

Strengthen the growth path through the following three strategic guidelines: i) expand into new high-potential growth markets with favourable climatic conditions and towards grid parity, in particular Latin America and Africa, in addition to consolidating in markets where it is already present; ii) increase the plant portfolio also through purchases on the Italian secondary market; iii) focus on the development of hybrid micro-grids in which to exploit the HGSC proprietary software.

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