IPO: 28/03/2017
Capital raising: 2.9 Eu mln
Sector: Services
Region: Lombardia

Company Profile

TPS S.p.A. is the operating holding company of TPS Group, a leader in technical and engineering services for the aeronautical industry, with a particular focus on the helicopter segment. TPS has been a Borsa Italiana “Elite” company since 2016. TPS Group operates in the aeronautical, automotive, defence, railway, naval and cable transport systems sectors, providing Technical Publishing & Training, Engineering, Design and Cost Engineering, Avionic Software Development and Systems Integration, Digital Content Management TPS Group’s clients include leading businesses in the design and production of aircraft and aeronautical components, as well as leaders in the automotive, railway, defence and cable transport systems manufacturing sector.

IPO growth strategy

To consolidate its brand as a reference operator in the aeronautical technical services market and to support a strategic and industrial development project based, on the one hand, on growth by external lines and, on the other, aimed at strengthening and launching new business lines, highly innovative and with high opportunities in the aeronautical sector and also in other nearby industrial sectors.

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